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Tropicals by West Hollywood Florist

West Hollywood Florist delivers exotic tropical plants to West Hollywood and the surrounding area. Order Azaleas, Orchids and other beautiful tropical plants and really wow your friends and family!

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Tropical Island Floral Arrangement
Tropical Island Floral Arrangement LA073 US 199.99
Tropical Vase
Tropical Vase LA146 US 150.00
Tropical Trio Planter Basket
Tropical Trio Planter Basket LA078 US 84.99
Royal Flash Tropical Arrangement
Royal Flash Tropical Arrangement LA080 US 264.99
Tropical Spring Arrangement
Tropical Spring Arrangement LA062 US 189.99
Tropical Gift
Tropical Gift LA030 US 189.00
Exotic Dance Arrangement
Exotic Dance Arrangement LA033 US 179.00
Orchid Planter
Orchid Planter LA039 US 155.00
Tropical Celebration Arrangement
Tropical Celebration Arrangement LA053 US 190.00
Orchid Trio
Orchid Trio LA046 US 215.00
Tropical Delight
Tropical Delight LA004 US 90.00
Orchid Splash
Orchid Splash LA049 US 180.00

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